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Roller Coaster - 48 inches to ride
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This Incredibles-themed coaster replaced California Screamin' on June 23, 2018. It's the same track, but with new-look trains, a redesigned station, and a themed overlay.

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I was pretty impressed with the Incredibles overlay here. The coaster by itself is pretty meh (about on par with Rip Ride Rocket at USF minus the revolving soundtrack), but the new theming definitely makes the experience better. I wish the characters were a bit more dynamic, but understand that Imagineers didn't have much to work with here.

Trying to make a story for an outdoor roller coaster with the Incredibles sounds like a good idea on paper, but is hard to execute well. The car moves past the statues of the Incredibles too fast and the amazing music for some reason seems muffled. However, this ride is still a fun thrilling experience that's even better at night.

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