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Hydro at Oakwood Leisure Park
April 15, 2004
Got several reports of a 17-18 yr old young woman who was killed after she fell 100 feet off of the attraction. Also reports of an additonal young child who was injured too. Maybe someone can post a news link when it becomes available. That's all the info I have at the moment. -- Reported on April 15, 2004 by Jason Herrera.


Here's a BBC link. -- Reported on April 16, 2004 by Alexander Westwod.

Hi, I Live 3 Miles Away From The Park & Here Is What I Can Tell You At Approx. 3:45 On Thursday 15th April 2004, 16 Year OldHayley William From Pontypoll Came Out Of The Hydro Boat & Fell Just A Little Oer 100ft To The Water, On Her Way Down She Hit A 10 Year Old Boy With Her Foot Causing Him Minor Head Injuries. Both Were Flown By Air Ambulane To Withybush Hospital In Haverfordwest. The Swiss Makers Of Hydro Are Currently Undergoing An Investigation With The Health & Safety Department. Hayley Was Pronounced Dead A Few Hours Later At The Hospitail. At Current The Reason Which Caused Her To Fall Is Not Known, But They Think They Know What She Was Doing From The Ride Photo's, Unfortunatley That Has Not Been Distributed To The Press Yet So I Can't Tell You! - Sorry! Anyway Oakwood Before The Accident Had A Perfect Safety Score, Now This Could Of Just Been A Plane Old Accident Or She Contributed To Herself Falling Out Richard -- Reported on April 18, 2004 by Richard James.

The Oakwood website is confirming "an incident in the park," and noting that Hydro is closed for the day. -- Reported on April 15, 2004 by Robert Niles.

The police in wales and the health and safety executive believe the key to what happened lies in a on ride photo. They are currently examining the photos taken. -- Reported on April 16, 2004 by Matthew Hopkins.

Another link for this -- Reported on May 11, 2004 by an anonymous reader.

Dollywood Express at Dollywood
April 14, 2004
An unidentified woman from out of state fell from the train after losing her balance after a drink was spilled upon her, according to investigators. She was airlifted to a local hospital with unspecified injuries, then released the next day. -- Reported on April 15, 2004 by an anonymous reader.


Here's a news link of these accident -- Reported on April 19, 2004 by Dominic Pfister.

Scream at Six Flags Magic Mountain
April 9, 2004
An employee was struck dead on this morning's test run. Bantita Rackchamroon, 21, was on the track near the load station when the train hit her. California's OSHA is investigating why she was on the track, and why a train was dispatched with someone on track. -- Reported on April 9, 2004 by Clara Bysurf.


This is very sad as I rode scream only 4 day before this and I thought it was a very smooth safe ride and one of six flags safest. -- Reported on August 13, 2004 by matt Silton.

Unlike the CA Screaming incident, this one is totally different. On all attractions, employees are required to Tag out or lockout, before entering the track. In most cases, the only time Ride ops should be on the track is in evacuating ride vechicles and durring OJT. Once and employees tags out (removes tag from board at the control panel) no employee is to launch vechiles or turn on the ride. It is possible to start up the ride however. Forgetting to tag out leads to suspension, relocatrion, termination of employment or death for employees like in this case. Ingnoratly launching a vechile with tag outs on the track is grounds for termination and imprioment for employees. Besides usually only maintecne people enter the ride track. -- Reported on September 30, 2005 by Keiko Ariyill.

as that is true, i heard she was like..uh how do you say it? an employee from another country..kind of like an exchange student. and she was listeing to her headphones as to why she didnt hear the train coming..also if she wasnt doing the right thing why wasnt there any other worker there with her??! can anyone confirm this is true?.. -- Reported on July 19, 2007 by dylan rieder.

The Hawk at Rockin' Raceway
March 14, 2004
A Nashville, Tenn. woman fell 60 feet to her death Sunday from a ride at "Rockin' Raceway" park in Pigeon Forge, Tenn. June Alexander, 51, died from injuries suffered after she fell from "The Hawk," a rocking ship ride that eventually turns upside down. Alexander was pronounced dead at a local hospital. -- Reported on March 14, 2004 by Robert Niles.


Man, and that was my 23rd and a half birthday. Not that I count them. I guess I didn't get a good half birthday present. -- Reported on March 20, 2004 by Jeff Arons.

Last week (5/10/05?) this case regarding THE HAWK was presented on CourtTv. Their site will have a lot of information on this case. I believe as of this date (5/16/05) they may be still airing the courtroom case. -- Reported on May 15, 2005 by nancie mann.

I was in Pigeon Forge the day after the accident, and here is a pic that I made of the investigators checking the ride I was in Pigeon Forge the day after the accident, and here is a pic that I made of the investigators checking the ride -- Reported on March 26, 2004 by Chase Me.

Magic Kingdom Afternoon Parade at Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
February 11, 2004
Javier Cruz, 38, of Orlando, who played Pluto, was killed when he was run over and crushed by a float at the beginning of the Magic Kingdom's afternoon parade. -- Reported on February 11, 2004 by Robert Niles.


Javier Cruz, 38, was working backstage, dressed as Pluto, when a float came. Mr. Cruz did not see the float come, and was run over by the float. I learned about this on my favorite local radio station, AM 640 WJNA, on their hourly CNN updates. -- Reported on February 12, 2004 by Jeff Arons.

Men In Black Alien Attack at Universal Studios Florida
January 8, 2004
When the ride came to an end, the boy reportedly stuck his leg out and jammed his foot between the vehicle and the platform. One of the boy's toes may have to be removed because of the accident. -- Reported on January 8, 2004 by David Klawe.

Jurassic Park River Adventure at Universal's Islands of Adventure
November 3, 2003
16 year old Emily M. fractured her wrist and injured her elbow when the boat came to an abrupt stop at the end of the ride, causing her arm to strike a metal part of the seat assembly. There were only about 8 people on the ride at the time (it holds about 30 people when full). She was treated by the park's first aid and then transported to a local hospital for further treatment. She is represented by attorney Elwood Lippincott Jr. of Coral Gables, Florida. -- Reported on March 20, 2004 by an anonymous reader.


I read about this in the paper. -- Reported on July 13, 2005 by Scott Keegan.

Texas Cyclone at Six Flags Astroworld
October 19, 2003
Several people were injured by a falling board on the wooden Texas Cyclone coaster. The accident happened at 8:30 pm. -- Reported on October 22, 2003 by Dave Bradley.

Incredible Hulk Coaster at Universal's Islands of Adventure
September 23, 2003
A 34-year-old woman was taken to Sand Lake Hospital after she was found unconscious and without a pulse in her seat after her train returned to the station at 2:35 p.m. -- Reported on September 23, 2003 by Robert Niles.


The woman, from Jensen Beach, Fla., was in critical condition Tuesday evening. Her heart was not beating by itself and she is on a respirator. -- Reported on September 23, 2003 by Agent R.

Update: The woman is still critical. Officials inspected the on-ride photo from her train. The photo indicates that she was conscious a short time before the ride entered the station. -- Reported on September 24, 2003 by Kenny Hitt.

The woman passed away after her family discountinued life support on Saturday. -- Reported on October 3, 2003 by Robert Niles.

Big Thunder Mountain Railroad at Disneyland
September 5, 2003
One man was killed and at least 10 others injured after an accident at Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. Authorities set up a triage area near the ride, located in the Frontierland section of the park. One person was injured with facial lacerations. Other injuries appear to be minor. -- Reported on September 5, 2003 by Jason Herrera.


A locomotive broke loose on Disneyland's Big Thunder Mountain Railroad roller coaster Friday, killing a man and injuring 10 other people, officials said. TV helicopters showed a triage unit set up near the ride and one person being taken on a stretcher to an ambulance. The roller coaster takes amusement park visitors on a twisting, turning ride aboard what is supposed to be a runaway train in the Old West. Riders zoom through mineshafts and caverns, past falling rocks and tumbling waterfalls. The ride opened in 1979, making it one of newer roller coasters at Disneyland. It is computer-operated, said Joe Aguirre, a park spokesman. -- Reported on September 5, 2003 by Marna Gatlin.

someone asked who actually checks the attractions for maintenance problems, well i know it's the case at Disney World Space Mtn (so i'll assume the same for Disneyland) that disney has a who crew of people who come in after the park is closed to work overnight on inspecting the trains, the track, and sometimes cycling the trains (taking one off and putting a newer one on the track). These people are pretty well trained but you never really know when something could happen even if inspections went fine, which i'm sure they did. if they thought something was wrong they just wouldn't use that train. -- Reported on September 6, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

cnn is reporting 11 injured. last friday while waiting in line we saw a woman being attended to by paramedics. this probably sounds fishy, but while we were riding you could actually feel extreme movement of the cars on the track. this was the firs time i had ridden the ride in lots of years. may have been nothing, but now this. p.s. the response to the woman looked like goofy and crew with a steth and bp cuff. scary. -- Reported on September 5, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

Jimmy Neutron's Brainwasher at Canada's Wonderland
August 23, 2003
The round car carrying one adult and three children broke off the steel arm and crashed to the ground from a height of around five feet. The three children were taken to hospital, one of those being air-lifted, with undisclosed injuries. However, blood was plainly visible on the face of one child and the arms/torso of another. The adult is complaining of back injuries. [Later reports indicated that none of the injuries was serious.--Editor] -- Reported on August 25, 2003 by an anonymous reader.



Stagecoach at Knott's Berry Farm
August 18, 2003
The stagecoach lost pressure in its brakes, causing operators to be unable to stop the coach. The horse team ran into a fence, causing the death of one of the lead horses, and minor, unspecified injuries to one ride operator and two guests. -- Reported on August 20, 2003 by David Klawe.

Top Gun at Kings Island
July 25, 2003
Karen Krekeler, a mother of four from Bethel, Ohio, suffered an apparent heart attack while riding Top Gun. Park officials noticed her having trouble breathing when her train reentered the station. Paramedics were summoned and performed CPR. She was taken to Bethesda North Hospital, where she was taken off life support and died the next day. -- Reported on August 12, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

Joker's Jukebox at Six Flags New Orleans
July 9, 2003
Police said a 52-year-old woman, Rosa Donaldson, was in the area of the Joker's Jukebox ride at about 6:30 p.m. when the ride started up and she was hit by one of its cars. Donaldson was declared dead at Lakeland Hospital of blunt-force internal injuries. At the time of the incident, the cars on the ride were about 3 feet from the ground, a park spokeswoman told a New Orleans TV station. -- Reported on July 10, 2003 by Robert Niles.


I live in Metairie (N.O. suburb). I have had a season pass since the park first opened (originally, as Jazzland) but I was not there at the time. News reports say that the woman who was killed, was making sure her 4 year old grandson was strapped in properly, when the ride started all of a sudden. She was dead before she arrived at Lakeland Hospital, which is only about a mile from Six Flags. -- Reported on July 11, 2003 by Greg Engolia.

NEWS ARTICLE: Safety Consultant Weighs In On Fatal Six Flags Accident NEW ORLEANS, 5:34 p.m. CDT July 11, 2003 - An amusement park safety expert weighed in Friday on the accident that killed a 52-year-old woman at Six Flags in New Orleans East. The expert, Ken Martin, head of KRM Consulting Group, said since parks are self-regulated, little may be done to change park policy. Rosa Donaldson was strapping in her 4-year-old grandson on the Joker's Jukebox ride Wednesday, when the ride started up and struck her. Many ride operators are in their late teens and usually have minimal training to operate the rides, said Martin, who has 30 years of experience in the field. Martin said there may have been several contributing factors to the accident, but points to operator error as the likely main cause. He said there are no federal regulations governing theme parks, and most state laws deal either with traveling carnivals or with the mechanics of a particular ride. Martin said little has been done to standardize the operator training at the nation's large amusement parks. Martin said the ride operator should have known Donaldson was in the ride area. "The last thing that ride operator should do before he or she presses the button to make it go is to visually and physically check the perimeter of the ride and the interior to make sure everyone is seated and restrained," Martin said. Martin said parks aren't ignoring safety, but he said there is always more that can be done. He adds that safety is a state of mind, and that park patrons have a responsibility to follow the rules and make sure the ride operator is paying attention. -- Reported on July 12, 2003 by Christine Mehrtens.

A 52 year old woman was struck by the cars on the Jokers Jukebox when the ride started. Family members claim she was tightening the seatbelt on her grandkids car and the ride operators failed to notice her before starting the ride. -- Reported on July 11, 2003 by Tim Hillman.

TIDAL FORCEĀ® at Hersheypark
June 28, 2003
I was at the railing facing the ride and the car came down the chute. It hit the bottom and went under the bridge like it always did, but this time the car kept coming straight at us. It rain up onto the rocks and almost hit the railing. There was 19 people in the car. The paramedics came and put some of the people on backboards and one girl had those inflatable cuffs put on her legs. 6 people were taken to Hershey Med by ambulance. They were various ages. It appeared that the people in the car were between the ages of about 6 years old up to people in their 50's. The ride was immediately shut down and park security closed off the area. It was scary but I have to commend the park on their response time and how quickly they tended to the injuries of the people in the boat. -- Reported on June 29, 2003 by Melinda Fultz.


Tidal Force is currently shut down after an incident on Saturday when the water level in the splashdown lagoon ended up being lower than it should have been and a boat failed to slow down quickly enough. The boat reportedly rammed up against a guardrail on the final turn at the bottom resulting in six riders being taken in for medical exams and later returned to the park. -- Reported on July 20, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

I work at the park -- Reported on June 29, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

I was at the Tidal Force on Saturday June 28, 2003 when this accident occured. I managed to get an "inside scoop" on what had occured. I was told that the ride operator had pressed the emergency stop located in the operator station to stop the ride (I never found out why this was done). A boat had already cleared the lift chain and was at the top of the ride preparing it's descent. This boat had cleared the chain AFTER the emergency stop was pressed. The boat continued down the ride and appeared to "glide" over the water at a very high rate of speed. The track area at the bottom of the ride did not fill with water and appeared to remain shallow. As the boat descended, it was not met with the "tidal wave" as usual, instead the boat continued to the bottom of the track where the track makes a nintey degree turn. At this point the boat jumped the track and came to a stop on the rocks in front of the ride. Hersheypark EMS responded to the scene. Four passengers were transported from the scene and I later heard that they were taken to the Hershey Medical Center for treatment. The other boat passengers were escorted from the area by what appearred to be Hersheypark officials. -- Reported on June 30, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

I am a current employee of HersheyPark Rides Department. I operate the Tital Force very often, and I have the actual story of what happened, in detail. Basically, at this point in the day, we had 3 boats loaded to speed up the line. Boat one was at the very top of the lift which is the point when boat 2 should be dispatched to leave the station. The dispatcher accidently pressed the E-Stop button instead of the dispatch button, which shuts down the ride, and all water pumps in the ride area. The boat was already on it's way down by the time she hit the button, but this might have been a stroke of luck. By turning the pumps which keep the boat moving back into the station off, this might have prevented the boat from become un-stuck from it's resting point on the rocks after the inccident, which could have caused the boat to capsize. I am proad of all my fellow operators who were on the ride, and I believe they did everything in their power to make sure that everyone was taking care of. Oh, and on one final note, everyone was treated and released from the hospital that night, and the ride is shut down until fourther notice. -- Reported on June 30, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

Raging Bull at Six Flags Great America
May 3, 2003
An 11-year-old girl was found unconscious when Raging Bull pulled in the station around noon. CPR was performed, but not long after she was rushed to St. Therese hospital, she was pronounced dead. An autopsy will be performed to determine her exact cause of death. -- Reported on May 3, 2003 by Mr. D. T..


Died on choking on gum. Don't eat anything on rides folks! -- Reported on July 18, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

-- Reported on May 4, 2003 by David Klawe.

Got a call about this, it's indeed true, girl had some type of object in her mouth. -- Reported on May 4, 2003 by Jason Herrera.

The girl had a heart problem, I believe. -- Reported on September 4, 2004 by an anonymous reader.

Nope, it was gum! I remember hearing that on the radio/news or something about 3 to 4 years ago or something -- Reported on October 26, 2005 by Mar Schlage.

yes it was GUM! i remember hearing about it everywhere when i went to the park and it was all over the was GUM!'s stupid to chew gum on rollercoasters... -- Reported on July 12, 2006 by Matt Hill.

it was deffinetley gum -- Reported on June 23, 2007 by courtney lonas.

Nope, It was a heart condition that killed her! Still, don't eat gum on a roller coaster! -- Reported on November 27, 2006 by Anthony Murphy.

It was first reported and assumed that she choked on gum, but it did turn out that she had a heart condition. I'm not sure if she or her family were aware of it at the time. -- Reported on March 31, 2007 by Joseph Till.

Autopia at Disneyland
April 30, 2003
Boy ran in front of car and was run over. Extent of injuries unknown. Ride was shut down that afternoon. -- Reported on May 9, 2003 by an anonymous reader.


The ride was shut down for like a inute. when i got on the ride right after the ride was opened it was pretty gross. not much cleaning happened lets just say. -- Reported on October 12, 2008 by Tunder Flemington.

Oh Hello! Very uncool remark. I just happen to have really been at the scene on the Autopia car thank you. How unsensitive BLOODY. Please! Oh and Thank you for the false witness to the little boy running. So Not true. I am his MOTHER I WAS THERE if you want the truth I can tell you. -- Reported on November 22, 2009 by Rachael Silhan.

That's very sad.....I'm completely serious when I say this. Is he ok? -- Reported on June 15, 2010 by Andy Milio.

Aladdin at Disney's California Adventure
April 22, 2003
I was told about an accident that occurred at about 8 a.m. this morning in DCA. An electrician fell from the catwalk of the Hyperion Theatre. All I have been told is the person was a male, age 36. He did have his safety harness on, but it was not attached to the catwalk as it was supposed to be. The cast member fell about 42 feet. Cal OSHA was brought in and the Hyperion Theater was closed, and all Aladdin shows cancelled, while safety inspections were carried out. The announcement said the shows were cancelled due to technical problems. No information as to the person's condition has been released yet. -- Reported on April 22, 2003 by an anonymous reader.


A California Adventure stage technician who fell while testing the special effects for the show "Aladdin" died Sunday, the Orange County Coroner's Office reported. Christopher Bowman, 36, of Temple City fell on April 22, suffering severe head injuries. He had been unconscious at UCI Medical Center ever since, said Supervising Deputy Joseph Luckey at the coroner's office. The coroner is scheduled to perform an autopsy today, Luckey said. The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health began an investigation immediately after the accident and is expected to release its findings soon. "Disney's Aladdin, A Musical Spectacular'' has played to mostly packed audiences since opening Jan. 16. The accident happened at the Hyperion Theater in California Adventure. Bowman was in a safety harness at about 6 a.m., testing special effects for the magic carpet portion of the show. -- Reported on May 19, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

Disney was fined $18,530 for an April accident in which a 36-year-old worker died after falling 42 feet. -- Reported on October 15, 2003 by Jason Herrera.

Big Bad Wolf at Busch Gardens Williamsburg
March 1, 2003
A painter working on the Big Bad Wolf roller coaster at Busch Gardens Williamsburg died after the high-reaching vehicle he was in overturned. A fire department spokesman said the man was dead when rescue workers arrived shortly before 10:30 a.m. -- Reported on March 3, 2003 by Coaster Enthusiast.

Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular at Disney's Hollywood Studios
February 15, 2003
My family and inlaws were watching the 4:15pm show and a male stunt person who was to slide down a rope going from the top of a building, over the jeep that was parked and down to another building lost his grip and fell at least 20 feet if not more and landed on his stomach/right side area and right side of head. It was horrible because when he landed he kind of bounced a little bit. He did not move at all and we thought he had died because he wasn't moving. But then he was medi-vac'ed out and we spoke to a castmember later and she told us he was awake, trying to talk but his face was obviously factured as well as his skull, he could move his fingers a little bit but he could not move anything else. # of the 12 of us saw the entire tradgey unfold and I believe he did not have his wrist through the loop when he started his decent, but just grapped the bottom of it and just lost his gripe. It was really sad. They cancelled the rest of the shows for the day. -- Reported on February 17, 2003 by an anonymous reader.


I spoke with the mother of the injured stunt man and he is in critical condition. The description of the accident submitted on 02/17/03 is accurate. -- Reported on February 18, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

The man looked like he had broke all of his bones and his knee bone stuck out of the leg -- Reported on February 18, 2003 by Ron Lingey.

I was at the same show with my family. The accident happened directly in front of me. It was a terrible accident, we all worried he was dead. I would appreciate hearing any further updates on the actor's condition. We have been praying for him. -- Reported on February 19, 2003 by Judy Rademacher.

I was pretty close to him, too. It was really terrible. I thought he was dead. Falling 30 feet onto concrete will defenitely kill you. I'm happy and surprised that he made it through. He must have great will power. -- Reported on March 6, 2003 by an anonymous reader.

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