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Robert Niles' Summer 2004 Theme Park Tour

Robert Niles is the editor and founder of Theme Park Insider. A former Disney World cast member, he holds a master's degree in journalism and has written and edited for some of America's top newspapers and websites.

Introducing Robert's 2004 Summer Theme Park Tour
By Robert Niles
July 8, 2004:
It's about 10 parks around the country in less than four weeks, kicking off with five parks in five days here in Southern California. What should Robert see and do?
30 responses. Last at 10:50 AM (MST) on August 9, 2004

Robert's Tour, Part One -- Six Flags Magic Mountain
By Robert Niles
July 12, 2004:
Slather on some sun block, chug down a water and get ready to broil as we look for an open ride at Six Flags' 'extreme park.'
36 responses. Last at 9:10 PM (MST) on August 8, 2005

Robert's Tour, Part Two -- Universal Studios Hollywood
By Robert Niles
July 13, 2004:
It's Universal's 40th anniversary week. So... where's the party?
26 responses. Last at 10:40 PM (MST) on December 25, 2004

Robert's Tour, Part Three -- Knott's Berry Farm
By Robert Niles
July 14, 2004:
Come wade through the sea of summer campers and other kids as the tour visits Orange County's original theme park.
17 responses. Last at 7:36 PM (MST) on October 10, 2004

Robert's Tour, Part Four -- Disneyland
By Robert Niles
July 15, 2004:
Is the magic back at Disney's flagship theme park?
14 responses. Last at 10:17 PM (MST) on July 17, 2005

Robert's Tour, Part Five -- Disney's California Adventure
By Robert Niles
July 16, 2004:
Are things getting any better at Disney's second Anaheim theme park?
37 responses. Last at 8:24 AM (MST) on April 28, 2005

Robert's Tour, Part Six -- Universal Studios Florida
By Robert Niles
July 21, 2004:
We head to the east coast to ride the movies, in new ways and old.
16 responses. Last at 11:04 AM (MST) on August 15, 2004

Robert's Tour, Part Seven -- Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom
By Robert Niles
July 22, 2004:
Robert returns to his home park to watch a new show, and reflect upon his former park's performance over the past decade.
16 responses. Last at 1:27 PM (MST) on July 28, 2004

Robert's Tour, Part Eight -- Epcot
By Robert Niles
July 24, 2004:
Disney shows that it still knows how to tell a great interactive story in the world's leading non-fiction theme park.
20 responses. Last at 8:29 AM (MST) on August 5, 2004

Robert's Tour, Part Nine -- Cedar Point
By Robert Niles
August 8, 2004:
Robert hauls the family up north for a day at Ohio's Cedar Point. But he makes the mistake of not skipping breakfast first.
5 responses. Last at 3:23 AM (MST) on April 1, 2005

Robert's Tour, Conclusion -- Questions Answered
By Robert Niles
August 13, 2004:
Robert's answers your questions about his summer theme park tour, including where to go, what not to miss and what parks are doing the best job.
20 responses. Last at 9:50 AM (MST) on May 1, 2005

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