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Expedition Everest reviews

Theme Park Insider readers offer their ratings and reviews for Expedition Everest, a roller coaster in Asia at Disney's Animal Kingdom. (The minimum height to ride is 44 inches.)

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Theme Park Insider Editor
Posted: March 17, 2014

Expedition Everest is a high-speed roller coaster through Disney's version of the Himalayan mountains. Needless to say, something goes “terribly wrong” on your scheduled peaceful mountain tour, and your train will reach a max speed of 50 mph, moving forwards — and backwards — while being pursued by the fierce guardian of the mountain, the Yeti (aka, "the abominable snowman").

Expedition Everest uses a track from coaster manufacturer Vekoma. Its trains carry 34 passengers and are designed to look like old steam-engine tea trains, with the mock engine in the rear of the coaster. Expedition Everest has no inversions and uses a simple lap bar system to keep its riders in place. The train seats two people per row, but each guest has his or her own lap bar to ensure a snug fit.

At one time, the massive Yeti animatronic inside the mountain would swing its huge arm at your passing train, making for one of the most impressive practical effects in any Disney theme park. But the Yeti has been broken for years, leading Disney's Imagineers to create an illusion of movement through the use of strobe lighting on the Yeti figure. That's prompted some disillusioned fans to rename the beast "Disco Yeti." Still, the ride remains a favorite, even if its star no longer actually attacks you.

Readers' rating:

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About as close to perfection as you can get. A completely immersive experience from start to finish, this ride will make you want to go over and over again. 1 point off until they bring back Disco Yeti. 9/10 - Jonathan Katz

Disney has done it. Disney has made a perfect thrill attraction by. including amazing scenery and creating technology that is still impressive almost a decade later. - Morgan Flay

Possibly the best roller coaster in Disney World. Expedition Everest is an awesome roller coaster that provides plenty of thrills for the roller coaster enthusiast yet still has a theme that gives the ride an amazing atmosphere. Do not miss this attraction! 10/10 - Brendan Sutton

The theming really helps make this a really fun coaster. Normally I don't care about the "theme" of a coaster, but the whole atmosphere of the ride really adds to the experience. - Roger S

It's a family coaster meant for wild but mild thrills. Love the theming and ride itself but they NEED to fix the yeti. 9/10 - Owen Scott

A fun twist on the Matterhorn experience. I enjoyed the backward trip as well as the animation on the walls. - Jeff Krinock

It's a ak classic. Must ride even if the line is long. Get your fast pass in the early in the morning or go during a hurricane (like me). 10/10 - Jaiden Cohen

Still a massive personal favourite of mine. It is just different to other coasters. Twists and changes in direction makes this a lot more fun than the standard 'upside down' coasters out there. Always go on this at least twice when out there on holiday - James McGee

This was a so/so ride experience for me. As a thrill seeker, this coaster did not have enough thrills. As an attraction, it was a bit boring and did not include strong story elements. I think it is not realistic to base my score of this ride on an element that is no longer there. 4/10. - Nick McKaig

A mediocre coaster trough and around an almost empty mountain with a broken headliner. This is money not well spent in a park that screams for well themed family rides. This is not one of them. - O T

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