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Expedition Everest

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 44 inches

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Expedition Everest is a high-speed roller coaster through Disney’s version of the Himalayan mountains. Needless to say, “something goes terribly wrong” on your scheduled peaceful mountain tour, and your train will reach a max speed of 50 mph, moving forwards — and backwards — while being pursued by the fierce guardian of the mountain, the Yeti (aka, “the abominable snowman”).

Expedition Everest uses a track from coaster manufacturer Vekoma. Its trains carry 34 passengers and are designed to look like old steam-engine tea trains, with the mock engine in the rear of the coaster. Expedition Everest has no inversions and uses a simple lap bar system to keep its riders in place. The train seats two people per row, but each guest has his or her own lap bar to ensure a snug fit.

At one time, the massive Yeti animatronic inside the mountain would swing its huge arm at your passing train, making for one of the most impressive practical effects in any Disney theme park. But the Yeti has been broken for years, leading Disney’s Imagineers to create an illusion of movement through the use of strobe lighting on the Yeti figure. That’s prompted some disillusioned fans to rename the beast “Disco Yeti.” Still, the ride remains a favorite, even if its star no longer actually attacks you.


One of Disney's best coasters ever made, this ride is simply amazing. It's by far one of the best rides at the entire resort. It's super thrilling and intense with a full backwards drop into the mountain, and then an 80 foot drop out of the mountain. The queue is so immersive and cool on it's own and of course the ride is just awesomeness! The theming is stunning and truly gorgeous but yet also creepy, as you encounter the Yeti. Best of all, at night it's one of the most epic experiences at the resort and it is even more scary and thrilling! It's a tall, fierce, and truly one of a kind roller coaster! The only big flaw is of course the famous "Disco Yeti." If only Disney fixed that it would be a perfect 10 which makes lose 1 or 2 points. However, this ride is still great in every right, and truly deserves the title "Mount Everest." It's not just a thrill ride, it's an experience! 9/10
Wow, I just did this at night during AK's new nighttime experiences. The ride is significantly improved. The whole experience is much more thrilling (especially the indoor section) and the lack of lighting makes the whole experience much more ominous. Even my only gripe with the ride, disco yeti, looks better at night. Sadly, Disco Yeti makes this less than the perfect coaster but still, 9/10
Easily my second favorite ride in WDW (second to Tower of Terror). Perfection!
About as close to perfection as you can get. A completely immersive experience from start to finish, this ride will make you want to go over and over again. 1 point off until they bring back the working Yeti. 9/10
Yes, even with disco yeti I can still rate this a perfect 10. It's unfortunate that it doesn't work as it should, and a complete waste of excellent technology, but the ride more than makes up for it. So much more than a coaster; it's an experience. Love it!
Super thrilling, from going backwards, in and out of the mountain, and going sideways. AMAZING ride, DON'T miss it.
This is an excellent ride. The backwards section is pretty intense for a Disney coaster, the drop is pretty great, and the banked turns and really fun. Also, the theming is amazing. This is probably the best themed coaster at any Disney park. The ride's only downsides are that it's a pretty short coaster and that the Yeti could be better. 9/10
It's a must ride. It looks tamer than it is, but it is fun especially the end where you go down the water fall and into the banked turns around the mountain and back to the station. The trains are comfortable and the ride is very smooth. I really think it's great even if the Yeti is malfunctioning. Rating: (9/10)
Favorite part is going BACKWARDS! :D I'd do it over and over again!
A ride that is nearly perfect but a broken Yeti pushes it down a notch.
What can I say? Expedition Everest is a classic, a "must-do" ride for everyone. It's fun for kids and adults alike. The queue is super cool and I never feel like the wait is that long. Definitely the star attraction of Animal Kingdom.
Overall - 9.5/10
A fantastic ride and the best coaster in any Disney park. Theming is superb on the trains themselves and in the queue leading to the boarding area. Destined to become a timeless Disney coaster like the Matterhorn Bobsleds or Big Thunder Mountain, this is the reason you go to Animal Kingdom. A must-ride.
This is the best ride! It is so much fun!
Disney has done it. Disney has made a perfect thrill attraction by. including amazing scenery and creating technology that is still impressive almost a decade later.
Possibly the best roller coaster in Disney World. Expedition Everest is an awesome roller coaster that provides plenty of thrills for the roller coaster enthusiast yet still has a theme that gives the ride an amazing atmosphere. Do not miss this attraction! 10/10

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