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Dancers, acrobats, singers, and costumed characters celebrate The Lion King in this musical performance in-the-round. No, it’s not the Broadway show, or even an abridged retelling of the movie plot. But it’s a lovely, rousing concert that tries to get the audience cheering, and often succeeds. Do plan to line up 20-60 minutes before showtime (depending upon how busy the park is that day) to be seated. If you’ve visited Disney World before, note that Festival of the Lion King is playing in a new theater in the Africa section of the park now, as the old theater was torn down to make room for the Avatar construction.


The GOOD: Fun for the whole family. Filled with great singing, entertainment, stunts, and stunning visuals.
The BAD: Hard to even think of anything... sometimes the actors are not as great. The seats can be somewhat uncomfortable for such a long show.
RATING: In my opinion, the best show in WDW. Truly an incredible experience. 10/10.
One of the best Disney theme park shows by a mile, this show is bright, beautiful, and in your face. I just love this show. There’s a ton of things going on with acrobats, dancers, singers, and all of your favorite Lion King characters. This show just flat out works, and it's so nice to just watch the wow-inducing performers. It's location in Africa is so much better now and fits the show better. This show can really bring people together and it's highly recommend! 9/10
One of the best shows Disney has ever done in a theme park. It is amazing to think this show started with left over floats from a parade and someone within the Imagineering team gave us this!

The new theater as mentioned by Bruce above is now perfectly located right on the edge of the African section of the park, the posters and advertisements that can be found within the area of the park are a continuous testament to the amazing level of detail and immersion the Imagineering team have put into this revamp.

The show itself never gets old, we have seen it many, many, many, many, many times. It's like getting a Disney Cirque du Solei show packaged for family entertainment. I agree about the bench seating, if they could have spent an extra couple hundred dollars per section and put in some themed cousin tops for the benches it would have been much appreciated! But as engaged as the cast makes you feel in the show you won't notice it.

Having seen this show many times in the original theater, today I went to Disney's Animal Kingdom with the primary mission of seeing it in the new theater in Harambe. The interior of the new Theater looks exactly like the original except that everything is working beautifully and the theatre is clean and attractive. The exterior blends in nicely with the Africa theme of the park section.

This is a fast moving, colorful show that felt like it lasted five minutes instead of a half hour due to the pace and the excitement generated. Anyone who has visited Disney's Animal Kingdom without experiencing this excellent show has missed out on a lot of fun, music, color and story.

The only negative I can find is that I wish they had used a softer steal for the seating in the new theater. The bench seating does get a little hard on the bottom. Certainly not enough discomfort to affect the enjoyment of the show.

Don't miss this excellent show with the benefit of having a place to cool off on a hot Florida day.

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