Flame Tree Barbecue

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Counter Service Restaurant

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A counter-service restaurant serving barbecue ribs, chicken, and pork. Sandwiches and combos are available, ranging from $9-16. There’s abundant covered seating around back, with some nice views of the park’s Mount Everest.


Didn't like this place at all. The pulled pork I had was so dry and chili was not good at all.
Awful. Terrible place. Poor food and expensive. Please Don't go there. Stay away.Keep Out.

Ok that post should free at least 2 seats for us to nip in and eat at probably the best counter service outlet at any park.... anywhere. Yes. I rated it that highly before the refurb and I just hope it's still that good now that it's had some TLC.

Our favorite place @ Animal Kingdom
Best at AK.
I always enjoy the seating at this eatery. Really enjoy the pulled pork sandwich and onion rings here as well.

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