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Kilimanjaro Safaris

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Narrated Ride

Robert Niles

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Published: February 15, 2015

Think “Jungle Cruise” on land, with fewer corny jokes... and actual live animals. You’ll ride in bus-like, open-air, all-terrain vehicles through part of the park’s 110-acre Harambe Wildlife Reserve, where you might see up to 34 species of African animals, including rhinos, lions, giraffes, and hippos. Disney has cleverly hidden the barriers that separate most species, allowing your tour to drive through what looks like open African wilderness. Visit early in the morning to see the most action — many of the animals are napping by mid-day.

Tom Wilson
After reading some of these reviews I agree with them...
The Safari ride was fast, The animals were... lets say out to lunch.. I rarely saw any moving about.. just a few elephants, and a rhino. a few birds were watching us cruise by... sort of disappointed..
The Jungle Cruise at The Magic Kingdom was better, even though the animals were cement & plaster.. you could at least see them.. :~)
Jonathan Katz
Love it. The ride is nice, rough, and bumpy, and the animals and their environment are top notch. 10/10, especially since they got rid of that ridiculous Little Red/poacher part.
Joshua Goodstein
The animals are always great and fun to watch, but the ride suffers from two major flaws. The first is that most of the hosts have no energy. They might as well have the script in their hands. It's become very rare to have a driver who is engaging. The other flaw is the removal of the poachers subplot. The poachers subplot was always fun for me because it added an extra level of depth to the ride. Now it's just a long Jungle Cruise with live animals. I wouldn't dart over to this ride at rope drop, but it's worth riding if you have time.
Owen  Scott
Love this !!
Jeff Krinock
Our tour guide was terrific. She didn't sound like she was talking from a script. It sounded like she would see an animal, position the vehicle so everyone could see, and then present facts in an interesting way. It seemed to me that she was enjoying herself, the same as me.
James McGee
I actually rate this safari better than the one at Busch Gardens. More animals to see, and a lot more pictures to take. The area in which the animals live is also much more attractive! A ride that needs to be done first thing in the morning though as many animals find shade when it gets warmer. Brilliant safari that lasts a good amount of time too. A must do for every visit to Animal Kingdom
The bumpiness of this ride is painful. The drivers also go to fast to enjoy the animals and the beautiful environment. Very disappointing for an animal lover.

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