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Na'vi River Journey

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In addition to the 3D movie ride, Flight of Passage, Avatar will feature a family-friendly boat ride through the bioluminescent forest. The first concept art appeared at the D23 Expo in Japan in 2013. The ride will open officially May 27, 2017.


This is a slow-moving family boat ride through a bioluminescent forest. It’s like a shorter version of Living with the Land featuring alien plants and a cool Audio Animatronics figure. It's nice and relaxing but if you wait more than 45 minutes for this, you will be disappointed. It's not nearly as wow-inducing, nor is it thrilling as Flight Of Passage. Instead, guests board a slow-moving boat ride for a short boat ride through a bioluminescent environment, encountering flora and fauna along the way. Although visually interesting, too much of the scenery is static, and the ride has no drop and the pace is quite short making it all feel a bit underwhelming. The finale does feature the most breathtaking Audio Animatronics figure Imagineering has ever created, making the attraction worth it, but you still get the feeling this attraction could’ve been so much more. I find it a good ride for all ages but if you wait more than 45 minutes you will be underwhelmed. It's not a must do like Flight Of Passage but it's worth checking out. 8/10
I've waited two hours to see the greatest animatronic to date. I don't recommend waiting this long unless you're really interested.
Nice , relaxing, slow boat ride through some amazing exotic plants and animals from Pandora. Impressive 9 foot tall animatronic near the end is a different level for Disney animatronics. Not a must do like Flight of Passage but worth a short wait.

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