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The most popular recent addition to Fantasyland, Be Our Guest is one of the toughest tables in the Walt Disney World Resort, so book early if you want to eat here. Set in the Beast’s Castle, Be Our Guest offers three dining rooms depicted in or inspired by the Disney’s Best Picture Academy Award-nominated animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. While Be Our Guest is table service at dinner, you will order in the Beast's Library before being seated at lunch. (Waiters will bring your food to your table at all meals.) The French bistro-inspired menu (steak, chicken, salmon, pork, and lamb) runs $18-34 for entrees at dinner. At lunch, the selection of salads and sandwiches cost between $9-14. Breakfast is price-fixed. Note that this is the only location in the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol, and at dinner only.


We have dined here twice for lunch and both times its been magical. The food, for a QS restaurant, is really really good and your money goes way further here than most QS restaurants, add to that the ability to go to any room you like to find a table and eat and the magic delivery of food...its a lunch to remember...
Let's start with the elephant in the room, the exterior. I'm all for forced perspective but the miniature on top of the entrance is not that, it looks cheap. But as soon as you enter the gothic bridgeway extends in three beautifully decorated dining rooms. There are enough little details to catch your eye. The diner we had was a bit above what we were expecting, it was above mediocre but heavily overpriced. Service was good but getting the attention after you food was delivered was a lot of work.
Especially in the ballroom the noise level was very high but overal it's worth a visit.
We had breakfast there twice on our recent vacation. We had pre ordered our food, which helped make the entire experience flow smoothly. The four items we ordered were all good, but the meat tray was the best. The restaurant itself is absolutely beautiful with great ambiance. Get an early reservation, pre order and you can get out before the rope drop people get to that part of the park. Get's you an early jump on the lines.
My sister and I went here during our May 2015 location and loved it. I have been long awaiting a chance to eat here since well before it was open. Finally got a lunch reservation and so glad I did. Her and I like to eat light in the parks so we split a turkey sandwich and both got a cupcake. It was plenty for her and I to split. Didn't make us over full, but that's how we like it. The grey stuff truly is delicious. The theming is perfect. Beauty and the Beast has long been my favorite disney movie. It was raining when we got done eating so we toured the castle for a while. Highly recommended if you can get reservations. We smelled dinner cooking and it's on our list to try!
I love this place! We have only done lunch. My only complaint is the long lines...
My wife and I have a friend that moved from Tony's to BoG when it opened and we always dine with her as our host any time we can. The atmosphere is second to none in this themed restaurant, however I'll be honest, if it weren't for our friend hosting us we honestly would chalk this one up as a been there done that other than for special occasions. Honestly for the price the food is pretty flavorless. I'd much rather spend money at Narcoossee's or California Grille and see Wishes at the same time.
Disney really outdid themselves on this one! The atmosphere is incredible, and the food was great! My daughter and niece absolutely loved the castle! Highly recommended!
The best restaurant in the Magic Kingdom! Delicious, well-themed and just an overall great place to eat. I went for lunch, which is cafeteria-style. I ordered a pork and potatoes dish and a chocolate cupcake at an electronic kiosk and took a tracker with me to a table in the beautiful Rose Room, where my food was delivered on a cart. There's also rooms in the West Wing and the iconic Ballroom. For dinner, Be Our Guest is a sit down. Try the gray stuff, which you can special order.

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