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Be Our Guest

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Table Service Restaurant

Robert Niles

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Published: March 16, 2015

The most popular recent addition to Fantasyland, Be Our Guest is one of the toughest tables in the Walt Disney World Resort, so book early if you want to eat here. Set in the Beast’s Castle, Be Our Guest offers three dining rooms depicted in or inspired by the Disney’s Best Picture Academy Award-nominated animated classic, Beauty and the Beast. While Be Our Guest is table service at dinner, you will order in the Beast's Library before being seated at lunch. (Waiters will bring your food to your table at all meals.) The French bistro-inspired menu (steak, chicken, salmon, pork, and lamb) runs $18-34 for entrees at dinner. At lunch, the selection of salads and sandwiches cost between $9-14. Breakfast is price-fixed. Note that this is the only location in the Magic Kingdom that serves alcohol, and at dinner only.

Jennifer Adair
Disney really outdid themselves on this one! The atmosphere is incredible, and the food was great! My daughter and niece absolutely loved the castle! Highly recommended!
Emily  Kramer
The best restaurant in the Magic Kingdom! Delicious, well-themed and just an overall great place to eat. I went for lunch, which is cafeteria-style. I ordered a pork and potatoes dish and a chocolate cupcake at an electronic kiosk and took a tracker with me to a table in the beautiful Rose Room, where my food was delivered on a cart. There's also rooms in the West Wing and the iconic Ballroom. For dinner, Be Our Guest is a sit down. Try the gray stuff, which you can special order.
robert morris
Food was solid and West Wing is a must see.

Main Ball Room was ok but beneath expectations.

The use of the rose for the orders to come to your table. But they need more Kiosk for ordering as it causes an unneeded line. As the venue was never more than 2/3 full.

Chris C.
When you're rating Disney restaurants, it's never entirely about the food, it's just as much about the theme and atmosphere . So as far as quick service lunch options go, this restaurant's relatively above-average food (in a park with mostly bad quick service restaurants) and stunning setting make it the best casual dining experience at MK, and one of the best in any theme park.
Meg T.
We could not get reservations for the table service but we did the lunch service and found the tab to be cheaper then outside the theme park. The portions of food are way too much for one person, the desert was great!! We especially enjoyed the GPS waiting service. The only problem we really had was menu because it did not have much for children on the menu. 4 adult meals + 2 deserts cost $64 dollars and that was cheap compared to the Rain Forest @ downtown Disney
Cherry Hill
Well worth being on the phone all morning on first reservation day! The restaurant atmosphere is beautiful,excellent service,& the food is delicious! I had the pork chop- tender & juicy,husband & 1 daughter loved the steak,son & other daughter had the shrimp & scallops,they loved it too. Nothing to complain about, the perfect ending to our week long vacation- my new favorite Disney Restaurant :) My only suggestion is it would be nice to have Belle there with Beast!
Tom Markowski
Well.. we live on the New Jersey shore, and when the hurricane hit we lost power. We knew it was going to be for a couple of weeks so we drove down to Disney and headed over to Magic Kingdom. Now this was November 4th, and when we walked to the back, we were amazed to see that the new Fantasyland was open for a dry run training. We walked up to "Be Our Guest" and got reservations for dinner pretty easily, since they decided to opne the restaurant that morning.

Everyone was undergoing training and the staff was excited to be part of it all. Even more than the guest, which was nice to see. The restaurant is LARGE, and very beautiful. It is expensive, and the food it good. The one big complaint was that it was incredibly DARK inside. So dark, we could not even read our menus, so the waitress walked over and handed us a flashlight!. Even the staff was frustrated with eh lighting. The service was slow, but this was day four, of training, from what I could tell.

If you are a Disney fan, Beauty/Beast Fan and have a lot of money, than this place will be a joy. I think the food is not as good as Canada at Epcot, but it is better than Paris (Epcot/closed).

If you have young girls, that would also be a plus.

Amanda Jenkins
Had dinner there on Dec. 14. I was one of the lucky few who was able to snag reservations for our trip. I had their stip steak and it was cooked perfectly. It came with french fries w/mayonnaise and steamed green beans with red bell peppers and onion. My sons had the steak and my husband had the shrimp and scallops in the puff pastry. Even with the lobster sauce, the pastry stayed light and crispy. Needless to say, we had no trouble clearing our plates. We each finished it up with their chocolate cupcakes. I had a very difficult time choosing which flavor. By far one of the best meals I have ever eaten at Walt Disney World. The surprise at the end with the Beast is definitely one of the highlights. The atmosphere is very romantic and feels like you have stepped into the movie. We were able to sit in the ballroom, by one of the windows. Snow fell softly outside the window. Candles were softly lit and the chandeliers are breathtaking. If you are able to eat dinner there, then by all means do!
Tim Taylor
Since dinner reservations were booked for the next 6 months (!!), we had to settle for a walk in lunch. After a pretty short 30 minute wait, we were able to order. The way you order your food here is pretty great, and it keeps everything moving very quickly. The theming is excellent, the ballroom is right out of the movie. Even the west wing looks great. The problem we had was with the food. It was not good at all. I guess we expected more with how great everything else was, but we were not impressed with it. It bordered on school cafeteria food. Oh, and besides the 2 teaspoons of ketchup they give you for your fries, there are NO condiments to speak of. No packs of ketchup, no mayo, nothing. My sandwich was as dry as sandpaper. Maybe the dinner food is better, but if you're going to do lunch, don't expect great food. 10/ 10 for the ordering and theming, 5/ 10 for the food.

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