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Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Roller Coaster
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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If a fear of heights has kept you (or your kids) from trying roller coasters, this might be the ride for you. You'll ride in mine train cars in and on Big Thunder Mountain, home to an abandoned gold mine. It's the "Wildest Ride in the West," according to the spiel at the loading station, but Thunder's actually one of the milder roller coasters around. Since you're riding on the mountain, you're rarely more than a few feet off "the ground." Still, the ride tops out at 32 miles per hour, so it's got enough oomph to reward a junior thrill-seeker-in-training.


Big Thunder is a classic, plain and simple. You know those roller coasters that don’t is not too intense, or has loops or corkscrews or anything that generally makes a roller coaster super intense yet somehow still manages to create a really fun ride? That's basically what this ride is. The theming for this ride is exceptional and it really feels like you're in the wild west on a runway train going out of control, it's just amazing. The drops are perfect and the turns are wickedly fun. The thing about Thunder Mountain is that you really can’t get off it any happier than before, it's just such an enjoyable ride that you will want to do over and over. The ride length for this ride is also pretty long for a Disney coaster. It’s just that sort of casual, fun experience. There’s a surprising amount of variety in the track and anyone can enjoy the ride, even people who aren’t the biggest fans of roller coasters. It’s bumpy without being too jarring, which is great. You also get moments to catch your breath and looking at the beautiful scenery that are quickly followed by more twists and turns. I just can't help but adore this thrill. The updated queue has made this ride even better now and gets you hyped up. This ride really comes alive at night. Thanks to the excellent lighting on Big Thunder Mountain, the attraction’s nighttime mood is a perfect fit for what you’d expect from a deserted mining town. Plus, there are little additional details that aren’t really visible in the sunlight, the ride is just so much more thrilling, faster, and more wild! Suddenly, you can't see where you are going , if you're going to drop, turn, or go up. The atmosphere is just beautiful at night, especially when you're going up the hill at night and you see the whole park around you. The only big flaw is that it's not as perfect as Disneyland's better more, updated version, which means the ride itself could use a few upgrades to make it even better! Still, thrill seekers will love BTMR! It's a must! 9/10
Big Thunder is just a classic. The theming is amazing and possibly among the best at Magic Kingdom, and the roller coaster itself, while mild, is great fun. While the ride is good fun during the day, it comes alive at night. Suddenly, you can't see when the next turn is, and the whole experience becomes much more thrilling and ominous. Certainly ride at night if you can. 8/10
This ride has really cool theme and really awesome thrills, definitely a big must for both theme fans and thrill fans.
love it! DO IT AT NIGHT - it's amazing!
It's a classic mild in sense of thrills but a good family coaster!
Fave ride in Magic Kingdom!
This ride is awesome. It really makes you feel that you are in the west with it's outstanding theme and effects. This is a must do.
Ok, Ok.. I get it some people like this 5 min kiddie coaster ride.
it should be in kiddie land.. short, very short ride..
Unlike The Manta @ SeaWorld or some stella, kick@SS COASTERS AT Busch Gardens, even Aerosmiths Ride at Hollywood Studios blows this outta the water.
I don't get it..
but a ride on a NYC subway would have these people screaming to get off.. :~)
I'm not a roller coaster person, but I love this ride!
A great family coaster! One of my favorites.

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