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Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin

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Shooter Ride

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If you’ve got a young video-game lover in the family, this ride is a must. This was the first “shooter” ride in a major theme park when it debuted in 1998. As you ride through the attraction, you’ll be shooting guns mounted on your vehicle’s dashboard at alien targets as you try to help Buzz defeat the Evil Emperor Zurg. To get the best shot at the targets, and to throw off your opponent’s aim, use your car’s dashboard joystick to spin the car to the left or right. High score wins bragging rights. The competitive game element makes this a highly popular attraction to ride again and again, so lines really back up in the middle of a busy day. Tips? Target the arms on the giant red robot in the first room, then aim for the volcano on the far wall of the next room to score big, 100,000-point bonuses.


A solid fun shooter ride, while it's not one of the best ones in Orlando in my opinion, it's still a competitive fun ride to get exactly 999,999 points. I still have yet to get that sadly. Basically, this ride is about Buzz Lightyear enlisting your help in an interactive and competitive game-attraction to save the universe in this blast-em-up, ride-through adventure. It’s like a ride-through video game, and is super fun and everyone will absolutely love this. Loses points because its guns are often inaccurate or don’t work and will as much as it is a great ride, Disneyland's Astro Blasters are way better because you can actually pick up the guns and it has less tacky show scenes. The lines aren't too bad by the end of the day making it a perfect time to take a spin and save the galaxy! 8/10
Its a fun diversion, but badly needs an update. The laser guns are not cutting it anymore and the ride and sets are just not up to Disney snuff, especially when compared to the similar (and much better) Toy Story Midway Mania
I got 999,999, so this is my favorite ride in the world
Midway Mania is so much better, sadly. A good portion of the time, you can't see your laser, which makes it hard to play the game, and thus score. With no AAs, and instead cardboard cutouts, it could use an overhaul badly. Still fun though.
The only complain I have with this ride is that the guns are kind of weird and hard to shoot but I love the theme and I love the fact that you can control how many times your car spins, for me I rather just sit back, enjoy the theming and spin around rather than actually shooting. 7/10
Dumb. I laughed out loud at the comment calling it the best ride in MK.
I LOVE THIS RIDE! It's always fun for me and family/friends when we visited this park, and it is, in my humble opinion, the BEST RIDE AT MAGIC KINGDOM!
Overall rating: 10/10
Without a doubt, a very good ride!
This ride is pretty bad compared to the one at Disneyland. I went on this when I was 7, and it was hard for me to move my gun. It was a very frustrating experience.
It's a good diversion, but nothing spectacular, especially not in the era of Toy Story Mania. The guns don't really work well, and it's rather hard to aim in this version as they're connected to the car rather than kept on a cord. I'd suggest keeping this rid for as long as it remains popular, then quietly close it. I think it has overstayed its welcome a bit.

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