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Dumbo long has been one of the iconic rides in the Magic Kingdom, as children and their parents share a ride on the back of one of these flying elephants. It's a low-capacity ride, leading to long waits, so in 2012, Disney moved Dumbo to a new "Storybook Circus"-themed section of Fantasyland and added a second carousel, doubling the ride's capacity and reducing the wait. To further ease the pain of still-long wait-times, Disney now also offers an indoor play area for kids while they wait, and restaurant-style beepers for parents to alert them when it is almost the family's turn to ride.


Iconic, classic, and probably the spinner at the resort besides Orbiter. You should probably ride this at least once, because it's a WDW classic and everyone knows this ride. It’s a rite of passage for all kids, but thanks to new lighting short waits, a cool circus theme, and now TWO Dumbos, it’s now a fun attraction, day or night, for guests of all ages to enjoy. Don't skip it cause it's just a spinner, it's a legendary spinner. There is so much nostalgia for this ride. 6/10
A Walt Disney World classic. Now that another one has been added, the line moves much faster- and the interactive queue is great, if not a little confusing.
Classic and really enjoyed the upgrade
Dumbo is iconic, and the wait times are much better since they have added the 2nd ride. We had the opportunity to go through the standby line for the 1st time when we took our 2 year old niece for her 1st time to Disney World and while I think it is nice that they have the play area to entertain the kids, it is very difficult to get them out when it's time to go for the ride. That being said, I am glad they have made the line enjoyable for the kids.
Never thought to ride it in the past, but since it was in a new setting we gave it a try. And we really liked it. Actually, a lot of nostalgic fun.

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