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Gaston's Tavern

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 8 out of 10

Counter Service Restaurant

Robert Niles

Photo of Gaston's Tavern

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Published: February 15, 2015

A counter-service eatery, located next to Be Our Guest, serving a roasted pork shank for around $10, cinnamon rolls for $4, and other assorted snacks.

Emily  Kramer
A great place to stop for a quick breakfast or snack- I like grabbing a chocolate croissant or giant cinnamon role before exploring the new Fantasyland expansion. Very well themed; fans of Beauty and the Beast will enjoy the antler chandelier and chair featured in the movie. Definitely stop in for a bite!
Michelle Morgan
I love Beauty and the Beast... it is my favorite movie, not just Disney movie. Gaston's Tavern didn't live up to my expectations... which I'll admit, were probably too high anyway. Although I thought the theming was wonderful which is the reason I gave it a fair rating, there was really nowhere to sit, and their non alcoholic speciality beverage was not tasty at all. I know it is an apple juice base, but the apple juice used had no sweetness to it, even though they put a sweet topping on it to form the head, once you got past that part, the drink was not good. Not a good counterpoint to the Butterbeer being served in the competing park.
Anthony Murphy
This is really more of a walk up and leave type of place because it is not that big. Still the food was actually pretty good and a little weird for a Theme Park.

I too like LeFou's Brew. Nice apple taste which is good for those hot FL days!

Amanda Jenkins
My only complaint is the lack of seating. It was raining, and we did not want to eat outside. We were lucky to have a sweet family offer to let us share their table with them. We ordered the cinnamon roll and pork shank. First off, the cinnamon roll is one of the biggest I have ever seen and it was moist and delicious. The pork shank was tasty, but we still favor the turkey leg over it. The decor matched Gaston and what one would think a tavern would look like. It just desperately needs more seating!
Nick Dakuginow
Sadly, Butterbeer is much much superior than LeFou's Brew. Great to have a new signature drink though in Orlando. Haven't tried the pork shank yet.
Rob McCullough
The place is way too small, but it looks fantastic. We now have another category for, "There are two kinds of people in the world". That category will be those who prefer Butterbeer and those who prefer LaFou Brew. I'm on team Butterbeer. I prefer the cream/vanilla/warming pumpkin spices flavor of it over the one note apple taste (never got any mango or toasted marshmallow flavor) of LaFou. The Pork shank sounds amazing, really want to try that next time I'm there.
Skipper Adam
Okay, the one downside is how small it is. It doesn't even make sense how small it is.

That aside, the charm of the place is excellent, and Gaston is written all over in the details. La Fou's brew was actually pretty tasty and I enjoyed it more than Butter Beer (Because it will always be compared to that, and I like apple more than cream soda). It's very refreshing item. As for the shank, it's a new favorite snack! It's so darn out turkey legs!

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