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Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 9 out of 10

Flume Ride
Minimum height to ride: 40 inches

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Splash Mountain rises over Frontierland, just north of Adventureland's Caribbean Plaza. It's a classic long flume ride that also tells the Brer Rabbit story from Disney's long-buried movie Song of the South.

Song of the South mixed live action with animation back in the 1950s to tell Joel Chandler Harris' "Uncle Remus" stories. Despite the movie's innovative technique, Disney no longer sells nor screens it, in large part do to concerns that the film's African-American narrator evokes minstrel stereotypes. That put Disney is a bit of a spot, though, because the film's signature tune, "Zip A Dee Doo Dah" is one of the all-time Disney greats.

Enter Splash Mountain. In the late 1980s, Disney's designers had the idea of using the film's Brer Rabbit, Brer Bear and Brer Fox animated characters in a musical log flume ride, which would allow them to spotlight "Zip A Dee Do Dah" and other beloved songs and scenes from the film, while avoiding all the controversy surrounding the movie that launched them.

Don't mind the backstory, though. Fans love the ride for what it is, a musical romp with fun characters, some nifty twists and bumps in the middle of the mountain, and a big, soaking wet, 40-miles-per-hour, 52-foot drop at the end. Well, not quite the end. You've still got a rousing musical finale to drift through on your way back to the loading station.


GOOD: Classic classic classic. Fun ride with a great song. The thrills are great, and the childhood memories are even greater.
BAD: Nothing. This ride is perfect.
...kidding. It is definitely dated and you can definitely tell at times.
RATING: Okay, I have a bias. This is my childhood ride and I cannot disparage it. That said, it is a fun attraction and a right of passage for any 5 year old who is tall enough to ride it.
For me... 10/10.
Splash Mountain is magic from start to finish. Everything single moment adds up to a top notch Disney experience. It's the best ride at Magic Kingdom, and top 5 of Disney World. It is incredibly well done, with gorgeous sets and a great soundtrack. I notice so many new details each time I ride that I hadn’t seen before. The drops are super thrilling and will take your breath away, for sure. The atmosphere around this ride builds it up for an immersive experience. It is better than Disneyland's by a lot but not quite as fantastic as Tokyo's. It's better than DL's because of double seating rows, and you can understand the story much better, as it goes nice and slow through the scenes. Splash would still be amazing without the thrills due to the incredible sets and music along the way. Don't let the big drops scare you off, it's over before you know it, and it's so worth riding because it's so much more than "a log flume with a drop." It is the perfect combination of story, characters, music, thrills, and that Disney magic sprinkled all over the attraction. It's just the most magical of all Disney rides and when you finish the ride, it's a full blown beautiful experience. It's just that magical, I forget all my worries and it's just true Disney magic. Don't miss Splash Mountain, it's great for all ages. I simply love it. 10/10
True to the Disney fashion this ride all begins with a story, this time based on Song of the South. We follow B'rer Rabbit on his journey to the laughin' place, while he evades B'rer Fox and B'rer Bear. The soundtrack features southern instrumentals as well as the famous music from Song of the South. The rides 52 foot plunge is what draws you into the ride, but there are also three other smaller drops as well. It's a ride Walt himself would be very proud of and a true icon of Walt Disney World.
The real reason why water flumes are so popular is because unlike with roller coasters, the most intense part of the narrative can coincide with the most physically intense part of the ride. This ride takes advantage of this to the fullest, and represents storytelling in its perfected form. The music on this ride is iconic and legendary. The scenery is colorful exactly when it needs to be and dark exactly when it needs to be. While the ride does not get you that wet, it does not matter.

I have a very personal connection to this ride. When I was little I was TRAUMATIZED by it because of an experience I had getting stuck on it for 30-45 minutes. So maybe overcoming that anxiety represents something extra for me.

Obviously, this gets a 10/10. Not to be missed.

This is my nostalgia ride. Every time I ride it warms my heart so much. I grew up with the books and music, and this ride does them such justice. I just love it so much. It needs some repair as some animatronics just don't even work anymore. However, it is still just amazing. Love it.
Splash Mountain is (and hopefully always will be) the standard for an E-ticket ride. It's classic Disney fun with thrills, a great story and look. While I wish Disney would be more courageous and take it down more often for shorter periods of time to keep up on maintenance, that's not the rides fault, which (in A-mode) is a stunner.
I've done this ride many times and collecting them all I've seen all the effects on, but not in 1 ride ever. That said this is the best ride anywhere.
This is a great flume ride. Better than the version in Disneyland, but not quite as spectacular as the version in Tokyo. That said, if you are looking to get good and wet, but still want a great story, this is a terrific ride.
Disney at its best. Wonderful theming, storytelling and atmosphere. The ride is able to offer thrills for the whole family. It manages to get you wet without being uncomfortably soaked. It is also long, which is a real plus nowadays. 10/10
Wow. What can I say about my beloved Splash Mountain, there are no words! Absolutely love it! It's my favorite ride in Magic Kingdom, and the best log flume in this world. It blends the best of a dark ride and a thrill ride - those are my favorite types of rides! How can anyone go to Disney without Splash Mountain? As for getting wet, I always get wet when you're about to climb up the second lift hill when another log is coming down the big drop. Duck when you're at that moment. But really: soak me, I don't care. I LOVE SPLASH MOUNTAIN!
This is the definition of what Disney does best, cute little story with cute little characters , and amazing theming. When ever I think of WDW I think of splash mountain , even more than the castle to be honest. It has amazing sets, amazing Automactronics , catchy song and a great drop, what else could you ask for ?
Splash Mountain (WDW, DLR, TDR) is indeed the best, most thrilling log chute anywhere, and I've been on tons.
It's got a great storyline, you get really wet and the ani-matronics are cool. The final drop is thrilling but there is also a good drop in the dark (near the middle of the ride) that is also pretty good. Though at times it does seem that the ride drags on forever, and in my opinion is just a tad overhyped, but still a great ride. Rating: (8/10)
best Water Flume ever! Ride has a great story and the animatronics are great. This is one of Disney's best rides ever.

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