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Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Theme Park Insider Reader Rating: 7 out of 10

Track Ride

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You'll ride in clamshell-shaped seats through Ariel's undersea world, enjoying the music of Sebastian the Crab, then escaping the lure of Ursula the Sea Witch in this abbreviated retelling of Disney's animated hit The Little Mermaid.


I enjoyed this. Sure, it isn't on par with some of the great dark rides of Disney's past, but I found it charming enough. It has an amazing queue as well some great animatronics. The whole experience is fun, and I try to ride it while at MK if only for the short waits and great queue. 6/10
Worth checking out once for it's great AA's and attention to detail.
I'm not a fan of Disney Princesses, but the Ursula animatronic is impressive! The queue is great. Otherwise, this ride is bad. I agree with Angela White, they closed the great Snow White ride and thought this would be a suitable replacement? 1971 Snow White is welcome back.
I don't understand the hate for this attraction. I thought it was very entertaining for a Fantasy Land family dark ride. We rode it eight times on our vacation and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And it has one of the best queues in WDW.
It is an ok dark ride with some improvements. The animation looking animatronics look a bit cheap to me. Too rubbery.
Typical dark ride but glad it's there 8/10
So, not as amazing as it could be (not necessarily should be). In many ways, it's as charming as most older Disney dark rides. However, just because it's an omnimover ride system, I think manu have the unfair expectations of a ride as grand as Mansion or Pirates.

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