Last call for reader ratings before the Theme Park Insider Awards announcement

June 26, 2011, 4:13 PM · It's last call to vote in Theme Park Insider's theme park ratings before I tally the votes for the past 12 months and declare the winners of this year's Theme Park Insider Awards on July 4.

For your rating convenience, I've include below direct links to some of the leading contenders in this year's awards. If you've experienced any of these attractions, restaurants or hotels in the past 12 months, please follow the links and submit your rating (and a review, if you're inclined). We need ratings from every Theme Park Insider reader who has experienced a specific attraction, restaurant or hotel to help improve their accuracy. (Please read our guidelines for rating before you vote.)

If you've not experienced any of the locations linked below, though, please do not vote! Ratings become meaningless if people who haven't been on the ride, seen the show, dined at the restaurant, or stayed at the hotel start submitting reviews based on their bias for or against a particular park or brand. So, please, vote only for the locations you've actually experienced yourself.

Best New Attraction:

Best Restaurant:

Best Hotel:

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June 29, 2011 at 11:48 AM · the park has got to be Islands of adventure...hands for eating, been to em all and mythos by far, but, the disneyphiles will pick one of those...although i have to admit canada in epcot is good and the one in coaster is tough...cheetah hunt is new, but not the best...the "dragons" at islands should be.,..but...

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