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The Simpsons Ride

Springfield USA
Motion Base Show - 40 inches to ride
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The Simpsons Ride, based on the long-running Fox TV animated series debuted in the old 'Back to the Future' building in May 2008. The theme of the attraction is a Krustyland theme park that you, along with the Simpsons, are visiting. Naturally, havoc ensues.

The small but entertaining queue room features some of the Simpsons characters going about their crazy buisness which certainly is very entertaining. Once inside the ride, you prepare to fall off of a roller coaster and then drop into different rides at Krustyland which seem mysteriously similar to Disney rides!

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While the posted time was 50 minutes, shortly after being inside the building queue, the announcement was that it was a 90-minute wait. And it sure felt like it.

I always thought the cartoon playing on the TVs had a long enough run time to not make you see the same scenes twice. Unfortunately this was not the case. Perhaps the video is 60 minutes, and I've never waited so long.

My phone fell out of my pants (obviously not the ride's fault), but as I remembered which room I was in, I made it back 10 minutes later, and my phone was safely in a lock box, which after unlocking it with my finger, was safely ....back in my pocket.

Last ride of the evening, as it were.

A decent ride, but it's a bit of a slow loader, which results in surprisingly long lines. I could ride this all day and still see something new in the movie because there are so many Easter eggs.

Good movie but, it’s the roughest simulator I have ever been on.

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