Should more theme parks move to year-round operation?

Should more theme parks move to year-round operation?

October 22, 2018, 5:13 PM

As October comes to a close, many theme parks across the United States and Europe are preparing to close for the season. Most of those parks stopped opening on weekdays late in the summer, as local schools returned to classes. But Halloween events have extended weekend operating hours into the fall, and a few parks will even use the Christmas season as an excuse to run a few days a week through the end of December.

But why should theme parks close for part of the year? With a capital investment of hundreds of millions of dollars (or more), it seems foolish to let a park sit idle when it could be making money as a return on that investment.

The trick is finding the right mix of changes that make a park attractive — and profitable — in the winter. Keep reading...

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